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Welcome to Innovation Design & Empowerment Applications Lab or in short IDEA Labs. We are a unique laboratory at Claremont Graduate University where we design, research and develop IT artifacts that can solve human and social problems. We believe in collaboration and excellence. Using an inter-disciplinary lens, our faculty and students tackle challenging problems and come up with new innovative solutions. We encourage out-of-the-box thinking and we support challenging the status-quo. We follow a simple paradigm called Design Science - State the problem, design (iteratively) a artifact, test and evaluate its efficacy and publish evidence - for which we are well-known within the IS community. We are always interested in smart students and collaborators.

IDEA Labs currently has many projects underway in areas and domains such as sensor networks, chronic disease management systems, social media, healthcare and energy informatics.  We are working on a host of problems that range from diabetes, persuasion, sensor networks, telemedicine, PTSD to understanding brian activity with neuroscience. In the recent past IDEA played a major role in designing CGUSIPClient, SIP-based VoIP software for the Internet2 community. We were instrumental in establishing the ITU-T H.350 standard which you will now find embedded in all Polycom and Cisco video-conferencing products. Today we lead in an emerging area known as persuasive technology. These are hardware/software/devices that can alter human behavior and attitude without deception or coercion.  IDEA Labs has graduated several doctoral students who are now in academia and industry throughout the world. 
We were started in 2002 by a grant from the National Science Foundation. Initially we were called NCL (Network Convergence Lab). In 2012, we celebrated our 10th anniversary.  In 2014 we changed the name of our lab to IDEA which reflects what we do - design IT products and services to make it a better world for its users.
We are glad that you have stumbled upon us or you came to us deliberately. Whatever may be the reason, please check out our people and projects. Again welcome to IDEA Labs, where people, knowledge, and technologies converge! We look forward to hearing from you.
Dr. Samir Chatterjee
Founding Director
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